IT4Innovations Information System

Self-service portal to manage your HPC resources

IT4Innovations offers HPC resources which are provided on project basis. You can apply for the resources and manage them here.


Have a look at some of our most popular documentation resources:

Popular Topic Description
How to Login Login to IT4Innovations Information Self-service portal.
How to Obtain SSH Private Key for Training Login to IT4Innovations clusters using training account.
How to Change Password and Public Key Self Service Password and SSH Public Key Change.
How to Submit an Application Obtain computational resources at the IT4Innovation’s systems.
How to Submit New Publication Insert new publication.
How to Submit Final Report Insert final report.
How to Authorize to Project Resources Request an access. Granting access to project resources.
How to Evaluate an Application Evaluation of applications. Pending requests for evaluation.
How to Perform Search Simple or Fulltext search.
IT4Innovations documentation Full documentations to IT4Innovation infrastructure.