How to Submit an Application

Obtain computational resources at the IT4Innovation’s systems using submit form. You can edit application up to the deadline.

Open the Form

  • Use menu Requests and select Project Requests
  • Use button New

Submit an Application

Please fill in all the required fields marked with asterisks.

  • Enter project Name
  • Select Type Standard or Multiyear (displays additional fields)
  • Select availiable Call type (Open Access or Directors' Discretion) from dropdown list
  • Mark Additional resources if needed
  • Select Salutation
  • Select your Organization from dropdown list
  • Select Project area from dropdown list
  • Enter Address
  • Enter Abstract
  • Enter Audit Comment for logging purposes
  • Choose file with application to attach
  • Choose file with application to attach abstract images
  • Use button Create Project request to submit

For missing organizations or areas, please contact support using email support[at]

Standard Type

Multi-year Type

Multi-year Open Access require additional fields than Standard type above.

  • Select Type multiyear
  • Select Number of periods required
  • Fill in all the required resources for all the requested periods
  • Fill in Grant ID as project number and Grant URL as reference to The Central Register of R&D projects CEP or another recognized database

Edit an Application

From the menu Requests -> Project Requests you can edit your application up to the deadline. After the deadline editing is disabled.